North Bay Shiai Results

Chloe…..1st Place
Jesirra…1st Place
Dahila….1st Place
Austin….2nd Place
Clara……3rd Place

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Excellent Attendance

Excellent Attendance – July 2019

Beginning Judo Class:
Hattie Nacke
Wyatt Neil
Evelyn Oehler
Iolana Rodrigues
Joseph Schroers
Rocky Ty
Gianna Bergerson
Matthew Bergerson

Intermediate Judo Class:
Nicolas Grebe
Kaelyn Grebe
Dahlia Ibarra
Halo Ledeau
Phoenix Patla
Riley Patla
Clara Whitlock
Austin Whitlock
Aurelius Walker
Ender Ty

Advanced Judo Class:
Carter Peters

Tournament Results: August and September 2015

September Tournament Results:

East Bay Judo Institute Invitational: September 13th 2015

Ethan Teodoro: 1st Place
Joshua Smith: 1st Place
Christian Herren: 1st Place
Leia Gonsalves: 2nd Place
Benjamin Stidham: 2nd Place
Naomi Smith
Alana Gonsalves
Cynthia Loayza


August Tournament Results:

Golden State Open Championship USA Judo: August 16th 2015

Christian Gutierrez: 1st Place
Benjamin Stidham: 1st Place


2013 USA Judo Junior Judo Olympics Results

Hello Judo family,

The results for the 2013 USA Judo Junior Judo Olympics in Irving, Texas

Cynthia Loayza – IJF International Division -48kg 2nd place

Cynthia Loayza – PJC North/Central American Junior Championship -48kg 1st place

Kaden Dantes – n/a

Congratulations to all who participated. Even though you did not bring home a medal, you have won knowledge and experience.

NC Championship

Santa Clara PAL Results

Hello Judo family,

Here are the results for last weekends tournament down in Santa Clara.

Kaden Dantes: 2nd Place

Dominik Dantes: na

Supranee Noynil: 2nd Place

Isaiah Williams: na

Christian Herren: 1st Place

Mia Bonotan: 1st Place

Katina Williams: 1st Place

Cynthia Loayza: 2nd Place

GOOD JOB to you all!!!