Tournament Results: August and September 2015

September Tournament Results:

East Bay Judo Institute Invitational: September 13th 2015

Ethan Teodoro: 1st Place
Joshua Smith: 1st Place
Christian Herren: 1st Place
Leia Gonsalves: 2nd Place
Benjamin Stidham: 2nd Place
Naomi Smith
Alana Gonsalves
Cynthia Loayza


August Tournament Results:

Golden State Open Championship USA Judo: August 16th 2015

Christian Gutierrez: 1st Place
Benjamin Stidham: 1st Place


2013 Palo Alto Results

Hello NorCal Judo family,

This past weekend was the debut of the Northern California Judo Club in the tournament scene. We had our very own Head Sensei Compete at the tournament. Cynthia Loayza took 2nd place at the competition.

2013 USA Judo Junior Judo Olympics Results

Hello Judo family,

The results for the 2013 USA Judo Junior Judo Olympics in Irving, Texas

Cynthia Loayza – IJF International Division -48kg 2nd place

Cynthia Loayza – PJC North/Central American Junior Championship -48kg 1st place

Kaden Dantes – n/a

Congratulations to all who participated. Even though you did not bring home a medal, you have won knowledge and experience.

NC Championship

Santa Clara PAL Results

Hello Judo family,

Here are the results for last weekends tournament down in Santa Clara.

Kaden Dantes: 2nd Place

Dominik Dantes: na

Supranee Noynil: 2nd Place

Isaiah Williams: na

Christian Herren: 1st Place

Mia Bonotan: 1st Place

Katina Williams: 1st Place

Cynthia Loayza: 2nd Place

GOOD JOB to you all!!!

Day 2 Results

California State Championships

DAY 2 Results

Kaden Danetes: 3rd place

Dominik Dantes: dnp

Isaiah Williams: dnp

Christian Herren: dnp

Supranee Noynil: 2nd place

Cynthia Loayza: 1st place

Day 1 Results

California State Championships

DAY 1 Results

Geralyn Puno: 2nd place

Mia Bonotan: 2nd place

Faith Upright: 2nd place

Katina Williams: 1st place

Gaylen Shaw: 1st place

Cupertino Results

Congratulations to all who participated at the 2013 Cupertino Invitational tournament. We brought 6 competitors from the Judo Club, and they all fought well. We had Geralyn, Kaden, Dominik, Cristian, Mia, and Cynthia compete yesterday. We had a 1st place from Kaden, and a 3rd from Cynthia. Everyone fought hard, fast, and aggressive. I even heard a Kiai from each of the competitors.

Way to go!