Hanabi Halloween Classic

Date: Sunday, October 29, 2017 Sanction No.: USJF No. 17-10-14

Location: Albany High School: 603 Key Route Blvd., Albany, CA 94706

All individuals with current USJI, USJF or USJA membership must present cards.(Non-members can register at the tournament)
Schedule: 8:00 to 9:30 am Registration for competitors 16 and under
8:00 to 11:00 am Registration for Senior and Black Belt Divisions
9:15 am Referee and Coach’s Meeting

9:45 am Opening Ceremony
Pooling: Please see attached age and weight categories. Divisions may be combined at the discretion of the tournament committee to optimize competition and safety.
Competitors 10 or under may have coed pools.

Scoring System: Place winners will be determined by wins first, then by points, as follows:
Ippon 5, Waza-ari 3, Shido or Decision 1

Each pool will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals.
Match Time:
Matches are 3 minutes with a golden score period of no more than 1-minute except for the Black Belt Divisions. Black Belts will have 4 minute matches with current golden score rules.
Contest Rules: Current IJF rules will be used with the following modifications:
Mat size will be at least 6 meters with a 4 meter border between mats and 3 meter on outside border;
The CARE system will not be used;
No kansetsu-waza (armlocks) in divisions below black belt;

No shime-waza (chokes) and double knee drop below 13 years of age.
Competitors who lose by Hansokumake because of “kikengachi” will not be allowed to continue. Hansokumake as a result of 3 shidos will only lose that match.
Non-Black Belt contestants will be allowed medical examination during their matches. Black Belt divisions will use current IJF rules concerning medical examination and Hansokumake.
Women wearing headscarves will be able to compete, as long as it does not interfere with kumikata. If it comes off during newaza, no “Mate” shall be called.
Registration: Completed applications can be scanned and emailed to: info@hanabijudo.com
The following forms are required at registration on day of tournament:
1) Official Entry form
2) Age and weight category declaration form
3) Waiver and Release of Liability and Agreement to Participate

Entry Fee*: Before 10/22: $30 per division for all entries
Walk Up Oct. 29: $50 for 1 division
2 divisions or more divisions; 2 or more from same family: $45