1st Monthly Shiai

Hello NorCal Judo Family!

The first Monthly Shiai was a great success! It ran smoothly and I hope everyone had fun. We will continue to have a monthly shiai on every last Friday of the month. After the Shiai we will be passing out monthly attendance awards, the Judo rock, and promotions.

Here is a quick promo video of a University in Japan for inspiration!

Judo Skills Training Clinic – Jose Bencosme

Clinician: Jose Bencosme – Yondan

Former San Jose State University Coach & Team Member
Silver – 2010 Grand Prix Panamericana
Gold – 2009 US Open San José
Multiple Medals 1999 – 2010 US Nation Championships
Bronze – 2002 Rendez-Vous Canada
Bronze – 1997 Liberty Bell Classic

USJF SANCTION # 14-03-12
Sponsored by:
CENCO Yudanshakai

For the clinic information packet:

Training Clinics with Aiko Sato and Shintaro Nakano

Hello NorCal Judo Family!

Here is a link to a CENCO articles about the clinics held last month by Aiko Sato and Shintaro Nakano.


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We have posted links to videos taken at the CCSF Judo Club: Aiko Sato Clinic. You can see Sensei Cynthia Loayza and Sensei Aiko Sato demonstrate some Ne-waza and Tachi-waza techniques.